Unmerciful Torture Devices

There is one terrorist clan that is the most feared out of all the terrorists in the Valley of Doom, where they seem to sprout like weeds.

These terrorists use such unmerciful and cruel tactics that even the other terrorists cower in fear.

  • First, captives’ access to wifi and the internet are completely cut off.  By the second or third day, prisoners usually cave and divulge all information.
  • Unlike other terrorist clans, they do not kill their captives.  Instead, they are closely watched and given food and water and comfortable beds.  But, in a cruel maneuver, captives are completely forbidden to stretch upon their waking.
  • Next, captives are placed next to the nursery, where the most troublesome clan infants and toddlers sleep, and are woken several times per night to shrill and unbearable screams.  The terrorists, who are followers of the sleep-it-out method, do not come in to comfort their children.
  • Captives are then given updates about their so-called friends and acquaintances on social media, and shown the most envy-inducing pictures, the ones that show their friends making more money, having more fun, traveling to more places, and partying with beautiful people.  The psychological damage this inflicts on their prisoners is immeasurable, and international NGOs have called for an end to this practice.
  • Lastly, for the most obstinate prisoners, the most feared treatment of all.  This is the absolutely barbaric practice of tying the captives into the economy class seats of old American airlines.  After flying senselessly for hours in the nausea-inducing cabins, strapped to seats that offer no back support, all prisoners finally yield their fortune and any information they’ve been holding on to.

The physical and psychological toll these kinds of measures take on their captives is savage, and has elicited widespread condemnation in the international community.

Even from North Korea.

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