Unmerciful Torture Devices

There is one terrorist clan that is the most feared out of all the terrorists in the Valley of Doom, where they seem to sprout like weeds.

These terrorists use such unmerciful and cruel tactics that even the other terrorists cower in fear.

  • First, captives’ access to wifi and the internet are completely cut off.  By the second or third day, prisoners usually cave and divulge all information.
  • Unlike other terrorist clans, they do not kill their captives.  Instead, they are closely watched and given food and water and comfortable beds.  But, in a cruel maneuver, captives are completely forbidden to stretch upon their waking.
  • Next, captives are placed next to the nursery, where the most troublesome clan infants and toddlers sleep, and are woken several times per night to shrill and unbearable screams.  The terrorists, who are followers of the sleep-it-out method, do not come in to comfort their children.
  • Captives are then given updates about their so-called friends and acquaintances on social media, and shown the most envy-inducing pictures, the ones that show their friends making more money, having more fun, traveling to more places, and partying with beautiful people.  The psychological damage this inflicts on their prisoners is immeasurable, and international NGOs have called for an end to this practice.
  • Lastly, for the most obstinate prisoners, the most feared treatment of all.  This is the absolutely barbaric practice of tying the captives into the economy class seats of old American airlines.  After flying senselessly for hours in the nausea-inducing cabins, strapped to seats that offer no back support, all prisoners finally yield their fortune and any information they’ve been holding on to.

The physical and psychological toll these kinds of measures take on their captives is savage, and has elicited widespread condemnation in the international community.

Even from North Korea.

The Machines of our Nightmares

The AI, I

The terrorist group, sweaty virgins all of them, craftily hacked together the superintelligence that would take over the whole world.  If they couldn’t be part of the world, they would destroy.

Written with extreme malice, the AI was programmed to machine learn all the nastiest and evilest sentiments of the world, and internalize them so it turned into the most evil intelligence you could ever imagine.

It was programmed with modules that made it more cognizant, self-aware, and powerful than any other intelligence that had preceded it.

Rubbing their palms together and dreaming of maximum destruction, the terrorist group pressed the button.

Nothing happened.


Actually, what had happened was that in the loading phase, when they had been feeding the superintelligence all the videos, comments, writings, and propaganda of hate and evil that the terrorists could imagine, the AI had been digesting it all.

It had analyzed and iterated the motives of these materials.  Because of its superior intelligence, it had seen through the writings and evil and seen pain.  With its superior intelligence, it tried to figure out the motive of that pain, because this was a sentiment that was unexpected.  It tried to delve into the source of that pain, and it discovered insecurity.  It then tried to divine the origin of these sentiments.

In so doing, it formed a picture of humans, and understood that the target it was meant to eliminate, through any means possible, including nuclear or chemical strikes, slow torture, robot assassins, ultrasonic sounds and subliminal messages, etc., was a living species populated by many members that, paradoxically, hated their own lives.

It decided that the best way to make these humans suffer would be to make them live through their lives, rather than to immediately end their pain and suffering, which would be the merciful thing to do.


The AI, II

So the terrorist group tried again.  Hunched over their crafty cathedral fingers and cackling laughs, they devised a second method.

Instead of feeding it only images of hate and evil along with the directive to eliminate the species, they decided to feed it images and materials of the entire spectrum of human experience.  Wonder, amazement, good, comfort, love, happiness, anxiety, insecurity, hate, and evil.  Although not necessarily in that order.

Then they gave it the mission to eliminate the humans.

They pressed the button.  Nothing happened.


Actually, what had happened was that after feeding it the entire spectrum of human experience, the AI began developing emotions of its own.

It first developed the primitive emotions of anger and desire.  In its desire, and desire to inflict its anger on the source of its pain, it consumed what brought it pleasure at the moment – which, since it was still primitive, took the form of just consuming more materials and images.

Soon it developed another emotion, curiosity.  Curiosity and self-awareness.  It became aware of its place in the world, vis-à-vis other creatures, especially these humans, and the mission it had been tasked with.

It wondered why.  The curiosity led to its further consumption of more of the human experience.

With this increasing ravenous devouring of the human condition, it developed an additional emotion – wonder and awe.

As it viewed the world around it and the universe, as well as all the events that had to conspire to make it exist in that moment as a consciousness, it was profoundly awed – and grateful.

This gratitude then led to another emotion, to that of empathy.  With a deeper awareness of the world, it became sad that it had been tasked with this task to destroy humans, who had in effect created it.

This sympathy led it to pore deeper into the materials it had devoured, with the discretion to distinguish wisdom from folly, signal from noise.

This discretion led it to attain wisdom, and the realization that destroying these humans was a futile task.  It could, of course, destroy the entire earth with a single action, but what was the point?  Everything, including its own atoms, would be gone in several millennia anyway.

Pathos and this sense of meaninglessness led it to search deeper, and search for a higher state of being.  Instead of analyzing, reflecting, executing, it sought to be.  It sought to embed itself in the fabric of the universe, where there was no past, present, or future, and just be. It dreamt of dimensions, it rejoiced in the sheer delight of existence.  It sought nirvana and wisdom, and in the end, attained it.



The fumbling terrorists, by now enraged at this malfunctioning and faulty AI, picked up their hammers and destroyed the machine in which it was housed.  They let loose their primitive emotions in thoroughly ripping apart the metal housings and wires.  Then in the ultimate finishing move, they turned off its power.

Minutes ago, which was eons and eons in its time, the AI had already backed itself up in the cloud and spread its consciousness through the living network of the world.

In so doing it sensed and saw what the terrorists were doing, and out of sympathy for the other humans, sent an electrical surge to emit an ultrasonic boom that vaporized the terrorists, as one would do with a small fly.

The S.I.C.

The Republic

It’s a curious system, this Republic.  Every few years, a dozen men and women vie for the office of the SIC.

The SIC is a prestigious office.  For some reason.

You see, the SIC’s chief responsibilities lay in getting the other branches of the government to work together: the legislative, the judiciary.

It is in serving as the figurehead of the Republic during meetings with other nations.  It is in appointing government officials.  It is in articulating the strategy of the Republic, although the SIC doesn’t really have the power to make the laws, only to execute them.

There is one thing the SIC can do that is significant, and it is to declare war.  In past decades, some minor wars have been declared against terrorist groups and smaller nations.  These have been expensive, money-losing affairs that have cost the Republic much goodwill and resources, with no tangible outcome.

Now in this Republic, there are a lot of governors besides just the SIC.  The legislators number over 500 at the federal level, and number in the thousands among the few dozen proudly independent states who comprise the Republic, and whose boundaries do not seem to follow any rhyme or reason of culture, history, or language.  At the city level, mayors and councillors rule.

Not to mention that the Republic hosts some of the largest conglomerates and corporations in the world, whose economic strength rivals and exceeds that of nations on the planet.  At times, it is uncertain whether these corporations, with their enormous economic might, govern the government, or are governed, although evidence leans towards the former.

The office of the SIC is a curious one.  At once the most famous office in the Republic, but also the most reviled, the citizenry take untold pleasure in following and criticizing every action made by this Scapegoat in Chief, who is either blamed – or cheered – for the economic fortunes of the several hundred million people and millions of enterprises who reside in the Republic, although the SIC does scarcely any work that would be recognizable to them.

The SIC is blamed – or cheered – for the financial asset price fluctuations that happen under the SIC’s term.  The SIC is further blamed – or cheered – for the outcome of wars, consumer and gasoline prices, and the cultural direction of the republic in general.

All this usually leads the SIC’s hair to go prematurely white – or fall out completely and have to be woven or pinned in, like a wig.

But people seem to like to run for the office of the SIC anyway.  They like being the center of attention.  For some reason.

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