The Hunt

This is not an ordinary hunt where you choose your weapons and sight your prey, stalking it in a war of cleverness and will.

This is a hunt in the darkness, where you have no weapons.

This is a hunt where you cannot see your prey, and when you hear it, scurries maddeningly away.

This is a hunt where the prey changes form as you traverse the terrain, where the ground itself mutates as you pace.  Where the prey leaves a bewitching scent in its wake, making you wonder why you sought to hunt it in the first place.

This is a hunt where there are no bugles to signal the start or end, a hunt where your mind can hurt you more than help, and where the first thing you must do is forge your own weapons and define the prey amongst the multitude of targets.

Defining it is just the start, for every day you will wonder if you should play, should I even play.  The more you hunt, the further away your prey, and you realize this is how it always was, and always will be, a life day after day.